EPIX Launches Android TV App On The Play Store


Android TV has seen somewhat of a surge in activity recently. For a platform which has largely been quiet since its unveiling and subsequent release, the tides do seem to be changing. Most of the activity of late has been around the launch of a number of new hardware options to make use of the Android TV platform. Some of these have been in the form of built-in Android TV, while others like the NVIDIA SHIELD have added to the standalone options that are now available.

However, not all of the activity of late has been hardware based. It was only a couple of weeks ago when the Play Store on Android TV received a significant update which effectively unleashed the full number of apps that are available for the platform. This was long overdue and an update which would have been greatly welcomed by the community. Well, following on from the software aspect, it now looks like another new app is hitting the Play Store today. This is the official app from EPIX and allows Android TV users the ability to watch a selection of TV content through their device. To be accurate, this is not a new app but the official app has now been updated to be compatible with Android TV devices. According to the press release (source link below) the new app will open four new live channels, in addition to offering access to a number of more on-demand based content.


Of course, the downside for many Android TV users will be that this is not a standalone feature and instead does require a subscription of some sort. As such, you will not be able to simply download the app and begin enjoying the content unless you have a premium subscription to ENIX. Of course, there is always Sling TV as a possible option, as they back in February announced that they were partnering up with ENIX to bring on-demand content to their subscribers. If you do have a subscription which entitles you to the content and would like to give the app a try, then you can by downloading the app from the Play Store.

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