Energy Bar Is A Colorful Battery Meter For Your Phone

For those that have used Android for any length of time, they know customization is one of the many strengths the operating system has. This comes in many forms from homescreen themes, to icon packs, to little details like this particular app called Energy Bar which gives you a neat and yet fun and colorful way to customize your status bar to show you a battery level meter. Most phones now have the ability to have the percentage listed with how much battery level you have left alongside the icon that already sits in the status bar, but the numbers can be small and sometimes hard to read which is where Energy Bar can come in handy. It gives you a color-coded bar to show off the levels of your battery, and it comes with a unique set of customization tools, some free, some unlocked through full purchase in the app called the Dev Support pack.

Things can be left alone of course if you just want a simple colorful bar up top that shortens as your battery drains, but you can also chop the battery bar up into segments with a color depicting each segment, meant to represent varying levels of battery. For instance, you can split it up into four segments to have each represent a portion of 25%, with a color corresponding to each one. You can also set the battery bar display as a thin bar at the top of the status bar, or if you prefer, you can set the status bar itself as the battery meter.

The UI has been redesigned recently in an update to evoke Google's Material Design guidelines, and it's as colorful as the battery meter itself has the potential to be. The app is free but you can purchase the full version of it inside the app to unlock some extra features like the ability to add a gradient to the battery bar, which basically blends the colors together in a seamless looking design. It actually looks quite a bit better than the free version's segments with separate colors. Customization of the colors is handled by a color picker, (HSV, RGB, and HEX Code color pickers included) while you can also change things like the thickness of the bar (if you don't choose the status bar option, which is a full version unlock) as well with a slider tool. If you're interested in trying this app, the link can be found below.

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