EC Technology 3 USB Port 22,400mAh Battery Pack Only $28.99

June 5, 2015 - Written By John Anon

With so many devices nowadays needing to be charged, it can be hard to make sure you have enough power sockets to account for them all. Not to mention, the mess that can build up from having your smartwatch, phone and tablet all charging at the same time. Well, thankfully there are power banks that can make sure you are kept well charged both at homes and especially when out on the go. Not to mention, there are those which come with multiple USB charging sockets so that you can charge more than one device at a time. Well, if you are in the  market for a new power bank, then it might be worth checking out a deal on Amazon which currently sees the EC Technology power bank reduced to only $38.99. This one comes with a whopping 22,400 mAh power capacity and also offer 3 USB sockets. What makes this deal even better is that you can also use coupon code  MV76HD9U and save yourself another $10 and bring the total cost down to only $28.99. If you are interested, you can grab yours by clicking the link below. Just make sure to use the coupon too.

EC Technology 22400mAh Battery Pack