Dish Holding A Meeting About Wireless Market Entry

Dish is one of the largest direct-broadcast satellite service providers in the United States; currently the company offers their users different services that range from satellite television to satellite internet. Founded in 1980, Dish has gained over 13.8 million subscribers; thanks to the always reliable service it provides. Not so long ago, there was a leak where it was mentioned that Dish was planning on entering the already well-established wireless market. Today, the recent leak was referenced by an analyst, and he stated that Dish will most probably reveal the company's plans for its new wireless network on Tuesday, which essentially is tomorrow. This would mean that the whole wireless market would have to adapt to a new competitor; if the rumors are true, it might cause other major wireless network providers and satellite service providers alike, to begin working on new innovative ways to retain and attract more customers, so that their current position in the relatively-stable market is not compromised.

Dish announcing its plans to enter the wireless market would follow Wells Fargo's recent report that that if the satellite service provider actually released a new wireless network, the company's current stock had the possibility of rising at least 60 percent and up to 75 percent. This report, comes from Wells Fargo's Marci Ryvicker, who believes that Dish will create a strong partnership with one of the two of the smallest carriers in the nation, T-Mobile or Sprint.

New Street analysts like Jonathan Chaplin, Spencer Kurn and Vivek Stalam; stated that the meeting Dish will most likely hold tomorrow, will have the main goal of making the company's investors think of Dish's potential in a different, broader way; This means that there's a chance that Dish is not actually planning launch a new wireless service in the near future and just wants to show that it has the potential to do so. Another goal is to show stockholders that if the company took the decision of entering the wireless market, it would mean an upside in the current stock value. The new street analysts also noted that the demand for alternative companies in the wireless network market will exponentially increase with each passing day, as the companies that currently control the market will not meet all the necessities and requests of their customers.

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