Developers Start Debating Over Google Purchase Of Agawi


Yesterday, some interesting news came in regarding Google. The news was unconfirmed news and was not official. That said, it was interesting news and especially if you are an app developer. The news, in short, was that Google had purchased a startup called Agawi. What had attracted some attention with this report, was the purchase was said to have happened 'secretly' and all the way back in the second half of last year. As such, this in itself, sent the rumors mills into overdrive. The other aspect which attracted much attention was what the company were known for. Agawi (which is short for 'any game, anywhere, instantly') is a company who have built their name on technologies which allow users to stream apps instead of downloading them. Games mostly, but nonetheless, app streaming, in a similar way to how Netflix streams video or Spotify streams music.

As such, speculation was instant as to what Google had in mind when purchasing Agawi and since the reports emerged, it now seems that debate is intensifying by the day. Since the news broke, reports have been coming in that developers on Twitter are debating what this purchase could mean going forward. For some developers, the mere fact that this was a 'secret' purchase is enough to assume Google has something bigger in mind. Especially as Google's I/O developer conference was only held last month and again, there was no mention of any plans which could be attributed to the purchase.


Other developers seem much more open towards the idea and have been noted commented on Twitter that this might signal a wider change in the general understanding of what an app is, does and how it is used by the end user. A change which will be good for both developers and consumers alike. Developers also see the potential of a possible app streaming platform and one which could offer a much richer end-user experience and not one which is simply limited to game previews and test-runs. Whatever Google does have in plan for the use of Agawi, will remain an unknown until they finally do officially announced their intentions. Although, it does now seem likely that the debate of app streaming will start to intensify until that announcement does comes through.

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