Deal: Samsung Galaxy S4 Only $149.88 On eBay

June 17, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Most of the deals on smartphones at the minute are focused around the big and major smartphones that have come out recently. Although, the deals are good and mean you can pick up a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge at a slightly cheaper price, they still are quite expensive. As such, if you are just in the market for an affordable smartphone then you might want to take a quick look at a deal currently on-going on eBay. The deal is for the Galaxy S4 and means you can pick one up for only $149.88. This is still a great phone for those who do not need the most current flagship model and especially at this price. This is a seller refurbished model and works on Verizon. If you are interested in picking up the Galaxy S4 for only $149.88 then hit the link below. They are at a limited quantity remaining already.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – 16GB