Deal: Nillkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad Only $19.99

June 12, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Battery life continues to be an issue for many people. This is in spite of devices coming with larger capacity batteries. As such, we are always looking for ways to make sure our devices stay charged and keep charged. For the more recent devices being released, wireless charging is quickly becoming the way to go. Not only do these chargers make sure your device is charged and ready to go, but they also take the hassle away from dealing with cables and the likes. However, the issue with wireless chargers is that they do cost quite a bit. New tech always does. Well, at the moment the Nillkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad is only $24.99 on eBay. What makes this deal even better is eBay are also offering an additional $5 off of the price as part of a special promotion. So if you have a wireless charging device (or plan to) and could do with a much more reasonably priced wireless charger, then the Nillkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad for only $19.99 is a great option.

Nillkin QI Standard Wireless Charging Pad