Deal: Lexar 128GB MicroSD/USB Flash Reader For $72.99

June 10, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you use a phone or any other device which takes microSD cards for expandable storage, having more than you need for space is never a bad thing. Larger sized microSD cards can be a bit expensive though, which is what makes this deal on a 128GB microSD card/USB 3.0 Flash reader combo from Lexar so great. The card is class 10 so file reads are super fast, and the flash reader/adapter is USB 3.0 making it possible to plug it into any device which supports this USB type. Normally a card of this size would run about $160, but this deal on Amazon has it on sale for $72.99 right now which is quite a steal.

Lexar 128GB MicroSD Card/USB 3.0 Flash Reader