Cubot Claims The New Cubot R8 As The Thinnest Smartwatch


With big name rivals such as ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo and Xiomi, the freshly thriving Cubot is venturing into different things and have started producing myriad gadgets. Now, the company has come up with a clone of the Apple watch .

Clearly Apple continues to sit on the throne of ideas, providing companies with original innovations to be re-created at a better price, with a better style.


The Chinese based company Cubot has entered into the market of 'Wearables' by making the Cubot R8 watch as its debut wearable and claimed that its the thinnest Smartwatch. With a metal body that only measures 8.8 mm of thickness, the watch has a top finishing of stainless steel and demonstrates sporty style with a profound fashion statement.

The watch has a high definition 1.54 inch IPS anti-scratch display, resolution 240 x 240 pixels. The engineers have made great efforts to have a waterproof structure in a limited space inside, so that the Cubot R8 can be used in variety of environments. The touch screen is simply elegant in its exhibition. The watch has a battery capacity of 250 mAh and features a MediaTek MTK2501 processor, 24 MB of RAM, 32 MB of internal storage. Weighing 80 g, the Cubot R8 is made of special alloy material that makes it strong but at the same time light and handy. Synchronizing with the mobile phone, the watch also helps in monitoring sleep. The R8 can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.  The watch is available in different colors which gives it a trendy look. Having a premium leather strap and a metal dial, the watch is an amalgamation and perfect interpretation of style and elegance.

The watch runs the users through a gamut of services and is bundled with a pedometer, barometer, thermometer and altimeter inside it. It shows the location and environment information along with the real time when one is hiking or traveling.


The watch is available for $66.90. It offers an outstanding metal feel and a super slim visual experience and the thin body of the watch comes at the cost of some design features like curved glass, replaced instead with a bezel in the metal framework. The Cubot R8 is thus available with some usual features and functions of most modern watches. It's super-slim design and its neat sleek look is probably what will prove to be the biggest bonus for the Cubot R8.

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