Chrome To Be Improved In Future To Cope With Battery Drain


One of the biggest issues for any android user is more than likely battery life. It seems that batteries just cannot stand the test of our daily lives. This is in spite of the batteries on average, becoming bigger than on their predecessors. This is not entirely surprising though, as the batteries become bigger, so do the screens, their resolution, the RAM and the processors. All demanding more battery life too. Not to mention, the abundance of apps and so on. That said, it is not only mobile devices which suffer in the same resources, laptops and Chromebooks do too.

One of the aspects which has already been attributed to being a cause for concern when it comes to any device's battery life, is Google's Chrome browser. Although, many of us find it very handy and integrated perfectly with our other Google's services., there is a cost with Chrome and that is usually battery power and processing ability. This is thought to be one of the reasons as to why Chrome recently announced that Chrome will have the ability to pause unimportant flash content on Chrome. The idea, pausing the use of flash on tasks where it is not needed will increase battery life or at the very least not cause Chrome to consume so much. However, this feature is still very much in the development stage and was only activated for Chrome users on the beta channel.


Well, in a post on the subject of Chrome, Chrome engineer, Peter Kasting has been advising that they are and will continue to work hard to make Chrome run more efficiently in the future. In the blog post, Kasting admits that Chrome has struggled in the past to be more battery-friendly, and most notably on Macs, where it performs far worse than Safari does. Although, the post does not explain any specific details on what can be expected in the coming weeks or months, Kasting does at least highlight some cases which show that Chrome is being proved upon and starting to demand fewer wakeups. KastingĀ ends the post by explaining that the improvements to Chrome (with an emphasis on battery hogging) will continue.

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