Chrome Beta Now Allows Activation Of New Tab Large Icons

Chrome Beta Material Design AH 1

Chrome has been going through a number of big changes over the last year and especially when it comes to the android version. For instance, back at the end of April, Google introduced another Chrome app to further allow those who want to live on the bleeding edge of Chrome, the opportunity to receive these features faster. This is the Chrome Developer (Chrome Dev) app. Similar to Chrome OS, this one allows users to get their updates more frequently than both the standard Chrome app and the Chrome Beta app.

Well back in March, reports began to emerge that Chrome was working on changing the way in which tab icons appeared on Chrome for Android. To be clear, these are the most frequently visited links which appear when you open a new tab in Chrome for Android. It was believed that the current method, which is essentially a snapshot of the website was too dated, lacked consistently across sites and sometimes did not update frequently enough to be relevant. As such, the Chrome team were expected to be planning on a more neutralized and consistent looking appearance.

Well, it looks like that feature has now gone live for those who are running Chrome Beta. If you are running this middle version of the app then the feature is ready to go, although it is not activated by default. To activate the feature, you will need to enter “chrome://flags” in your URL bar. At this point, you will then see a list of experimental features which can be turned on or off. Scroll down and you will eventually come to ‘Enable large icons on the New Tab page’. Once this switch is flicked, the app will restart and the new look will take effect. You can see an example of how the new look appears (and compared to the old look) in the image below. As you can see from the image, the new look, for now, is still very much in development and for a majority of websites will only appear as a gray box with the initial letter. It is expected that the site logo (favicon) will be used as the main image going forward. Although, it seems the size of the favicon might be an issue for displaying in the new tab format, hence the grayed boxes. Either way, if you want to give it a try you now can. If you have yet to download Chrome Beta then you can by clicking the source link below

chrome beta tab icons