Check Out Who Is Buying The Samsung Galaxy S6

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The new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are selling like hotcakes.  After the poor reception of the Galaxy S5 last year – which still outsold every other Android smartphone – Samsung completely redesigned the new Galaxy S6 and then added the Galaxy S6 Edge with a dual-curved display.  The critics, reviewers and the public seem to love the devices, although they were not happy that Samsung did away with its removable battery and memory expansion slot.  Just how well was it accepted by current Samsung users and by users of other smartphones…particularly the iPhone users?  CompareMyMobile UK and GadgetValuer USA gathered up this information in a dual survey.  When users go out to purchase a new smartphone, they naturally trade-in or sell their current device – exactly which devices were ‘abandoned’ for the new Galaxy S6 series?

Trade-ins on the site saw an overall increase of 120.14-percent following the release of the Galaxy S6 on April 10.  Since that date, 18.5-percent of all people trading in their old device were doing so to purchase a new Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge.  The majority of the people purchasing a Galaxy S6 series were former Samsung users at 55.17-percent.  This is not surprising as there is a strong loyalty to Samsung products, but what is truly surprising is that 40.69-percent of the people purchasing the new Galaxy S6’s were former Apple users!  This is great news for Samsung and all Android users to know that 40-percent of iPhone users switched over to Android.  Only 1.3-percent of HTC owners switched, 2.07-percent of Sony users and .69-percent of LG owners switched to the Galaxy S6 series.

The top five smartphones traded in to purchase a Galaxy S6 series were the Samsung Galaxy S4 (146.13-percent) – which makes complete sense, as those users were due for their two-year upgrade…and what a sweet upgrade it was.  Second on the list is the Apple iPhone 5 (180-percent), followed by the Samsung Galaxy S5 (136.23-percent), the Apple iPhone 5C (166.86-percent) and finally the Apple iPhone 5S (139.87).  The percentage in the parentheses shows the increased spike in trade-ins since the Galaxy S6’s release on April 10.

A few other observations we can make from the survey show that of the 18.5-percent purchasing a Galaxy S6, 12.76-percent said they were getting the normally aspirated Galaxy S6 and 5.75-percent said they were getting the Galaxy S6 Edge – a little different from the near 50/50 we have heard about in the past.  The survey also showed that during this same time-period, 8.29-percent said they were purchasing a new Galaxy S5 – which means that more people purchased a Galaxy S5 than a Galaxy S6 Edge.  This could be explained by the reduced pricing of the Galaxy S5 and while not loved by all, the Galaxy S5 turned out to be a very solid device.  During this same time, 21.94-percent said they were purchasing an Apple iPhone 6 – 16.76-percent were switching from Samsung while 78.61 were trading in another Apple device…still a nice overall gain for Samsung over Apple.