Daniel Sturman Is Leaving Google To Join Cloudera

June 9, 2015 - Written By Kishalaya Kundu

Google has seen an exodus of sorts in recent times, with high-profile executives leaving the company in search of greener pastures elsewhere. Just a few days back, there were reports of Paul Eremenko leaving Project Ara for Boeing. On Monday itself, Neal Mohan, the Product Head of DoubleClick, left the company to work with Dropbox. In March this year, Mary Lou Jepsen from Google X left her position at the company in favor of Oculus, while last year, Megan Smith, former VP of Google X, left to take up a position with the public sector. She’s currently the CTO of United States. Amidst what might seem like mass desertion of its top-level executives, comes the news of an eight year Google veteran, Daniel Sturman, thus far the company’s VP of engineering, leaving the company to join data analytics firm Cloudera. Mr. Sturman will assume office at Cloudera as its VP of engineering – the exact same position he held at Google, where he was charged with the upkeep of computing infrastructure for services like Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, Kubernetes and Google Container Engine. Prior to his employment with Google, Mr. Sturman had worked at IBM for a number of years.

Cloudera released a press statement announcing their new acquisition, saying, “A key engineering leader for some of the world’s biggest and “baddest” computer systems, Daniel Sturman moves over from Google to join Cloudera’s senior executive team to lead all development within the company”. In the same press release, the CEO of the company, Mr. Tom Reilly announced that the company is “excited to have a Google technology leader who understands modern architectures and the art of turning data into insight take our platform to the next level”. There’s no official reaction from Mr. Sturman himself, even though he’s updated his LinkedIn profile to indicate his change of employment.

Cloudera is a privately held company, said to be valued at around $4.8 billion. The company happens to be one of the leaders in the segment it operates in, and has reportedly managed to raise $1.2 billion thus far in private funding. Cloudera’s enterprise data management platform is built on Apache Hadoop, a cross-platform open source software for distributed storage and data processing. The software was created by Mike Cafarella and Yahoo employee Doug Cutting in 2005, based on research on analytic projects done at Google.