BitTorrent’s ‘Shoot’ Lets You Send Files Via QR Codes

June 16, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Sending files back and forth between people isn’t exactly impossible nor difficult, but there is definitely still room for improvement and BitTorrent today announced a solution which may be able to help give a push in the right direction. Their new app is called Shoot, and it’s going to be available via Android devices, but will have open compatibility with iOS and Windows devices as well, which makes the app that much more of a beneficial offering, because people have different tastes and you may have friends with devices running a different platform who you want to share stuff like pictures or videos with.

BitTorrent’s Shoot application is powered by their BitTorrent Sync peer-to-peer technology and allows users to pick and choose a collection of files to send off, and it more or less packages everything up in a nice and neat QR code for users to scan. Those who you want to share the chosen files with simply need to open up the Shoot app and tap on its “receive” feature to initiate the cameras viewfinder and scan the QR code which then initiates the transfer process of the files, all with a percentage progress meter to make things easy to read and understand for how much time is left until the transfer is finished.

Better still is that BitTorrent didn’t just announce the app today, they also launched it so it’s currently available for download, and it’s free although there is an in-app purchase which allows you to unlock unlimited shares which costs $2. Without the $2 buy users are limited to a three share maximum, so the app is more of a free trial. Nevertheless, if you’ve been looking for a simpler way to transfer things and not everyone you know has a device with NFC built-in to beam it over, Shoot looks to be an elegant and easy solution for the masses. The app boasts the ability to send large video files as well as multiple photos in one push, so if you hate sending things one by one which can be time-consuming, give shoot a try and see how it suits you for your sharing needs.