AT&T Tweet Possibly Hinting Galaxy S6 Active Coming Soon

June 5, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Over the last week or so, the wheels of the rumor mill have been in full swing. While most of the big announcement devices have come and gone, there is still one more everyone seems interested in. Well, to be more accurate a new variant of one that is already out. This is, of course, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. It is pretty much been taken for granted that Samsung was planning on releasing an active version of the Galaxy S6. Partly because they like releasing additional variants and partly because they seem to have gotten into a routine of releasing an Active version of their latest Galaxy S devices.

As noted though, the last week, in particular, has seen somewhat of an upsurge in the Galaxy S6 Active rumors. This is thanks to the leaks which have come through in the past week. The first landed a couple of days ago and sporting new renders which again clearly showed off the design of the Galaxy S6 active along with some nice AT&T branding. Following on from this, yesterday saw reports coming through that Samsung themselves had leaked the design of the S6 Active variant by accidentally releasing the manual online. As such, there were some very clear imagery of the device, along with some additional notations of what to expect in terms of design.

Well, it seems now that AT&T might be also teasing the upcoming release of the device too. Yesterday, the U.S. carrier sent out a mysterious tweet that including a keyword. The actual tweet read “Only one thing is missing from your workout. It’s almost time to activate your full power.” As to be expected, it is the word “activate” which is attracting the attention. Of course, AT&T might not be talking about the S6 Active at all, however, the tweet also did come with the image you can see below. Interestingly, the device being used is blocked from view completely. This is what is really fuelling the most recent rumor. As such, the latest on the S6 Active is that AT&T may very well be gearing up to announce the device.

Screenshot 2015-06-05 at 11.54.40 AM