ASUS Unveil The E1Z Projector Which Connects Via Micro-USB


Android, as a platform seems to be significantly changing how android device owners engage with their devices completely. While a phone was originally and simply a phone, the time are changing so much so that smartphones are now capable of doing so much more and seemingly so easily. In fact, nowadays, manufacturers are beginning to output a number of devices and accessories that interact with your smartphone (or the android platform) in new and novel ways. For instance, as screen sizes and display resolutions of smartphones increase, there has been a tendency for these devices to become much more media oriented. Of course, this has been further fuelled by the increasing of a number of 'cord cutting' apps hitting the market which further help to make watching movies, TV and video content in general, much more accessible.

A prime example of this branching out is theĀ ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector which essentially acts as a standalone projector that runs on android and allows access to all your content. This is a portable device but due to its size is not a true portable unit. Well, this week is Taiwan, the annual Computex event is taking place and one of the manufacturers unveiling a number of new products is ASUS. One of the products they have now introduced is the ASUS E1Z. In short, this is a projector, but unlike the Spro 2, the E1Z is a tiny projector and apparently small enough to fit in your pocket, emphasizing its true portable nature. However, unlike the Spro 2, this one does not seem to run on android independently and instead will be used as an external source when it comes to projecting your content. As such, android smartphones can be connected to the E1Z and can project content via Micro-USB.


Another possible benefit of the E1Z though (compared to the Spro 2) is that the device comes with a 6,000mAh battery. While that is roughly the same size as the Spro 2, due to the E1Z's smaller size and lack of inbuilt operating system, the battery life is likely to be significantly longer which again will emphasize its ability to be a good option for portability. Not to mention, the 6000mAh power can also be used to charge your other devices, essentially turning the E1Z into a power bank as well. There are currently no firm details on when (or where) the E1Z will become available. In terms of price, this is also yet to be confirmed, although rumblings suggest the device is expected to go on sale for about the $200 marker.

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