Asus Profits From Selling 1.5M Smartphone In May 2015

Asus have been selling Android devices for several years now and are arguably most notable for their Transformer range of convertible tablet devices, that is, a tablet that has a removable hardware keyboard dock, which converts the device from an Android powered tablet into an Android powered netbook. Asus have sold a number of Transformer pads over the years but have only relatively recently started pushing smartphones into the more developed markets. However, we've seen the first generation of ZenFone sell to moderate success. The range was mostly based around the Intel Atom processor with a range of screen sizes. Earlier this year, Asus announced the second generation of Asus ZenFone, called the ZenFone 2, and also promised to introduce ARM processors into the range.

The initial batch of Asus ZenFone 2 models were based around the Intel Atom processor, ranging from a 1.6 GHz dual core entry level model, a number of 1.8 GHz quad core models and the flagship 2.3 GHz quad core device, which also ships with 4 GB of RAM. Asus have talked about a mid-year device refresh, which is a tactic Sony have followed with their Xperia flagship range. We have also very recently since seen the Asus ZenFone Selfie launch, which contains dual front and rear, laser-focused cameras and under the hood, is powered by the ARM-based, octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor. All of these devices carry mid-range prices but offer competitive performance, in some cases exceeding that of the traditional flagship models.

Asus have released their May 2015 sales figures, which show that the business has sold over 1.5 million smartphones. This number is high enough for the business to turn a profit It's expecting this number to reach 2 million in June, helped by the ZenFone Selfie (as the device arrived too late for the May sales figures). Away from the ZenFone range, Asus is also expecting to sell between 8 to 10 million tablets this year and here their numbers will be boosted by the new line of Asus ZenPad tablets, which are powered by Intel Atom processors. So far, it seems that Asus' promise of a mid-year product line refresh has not hurt sales with customers not wishing to buy a device until the next model is release, but perhaps this is helped by the competitive prices of the smartphones?

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