App Selection For Android TV To Increase In Coming Months


Android TV is still a very young platform. Although, it was announced last year, it seems to still be very much in its infancy with the rollout of devices minimal compared to the equally young Android Wear. That said, the momentum is slowing improving with both Roku's and Nvidia's Android TV options now hitting the market. Not to mention, Sony TV's now starting to come pre-built with Android TV. As such, over the next few months there should be some significant growth in the Android TV world. In fact, due to its slow rolling out, it seems this year's I/O event seemed to forego any major updates or announcements for the platform.

Well, for those who were hoping or waiting for some news on Android TV at I/O this year, all is not lost. A recent announcement from Nvidia on their blog post (source link below) highly hints that Android TV will be seeing a number of new apps becoming available in the next few months. For those looking for specific name-drops, the blog post details that the likes of including HBO Now, HBO Go, CBS News, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, FOX Now, Fox Now, Fox News, EPIX, WWE, UFC, USA Today, Vimeo, Qello, Vudu and Twitch.


Now in fairness, some of these apps will not come as too much of a surprise as they had already been announced or referenced before. For instance, HBO Now coming to Android TV was announced last week at Google's developer conference and seemed to be met with a rather warm welcome. Likewise, a number of these channels and content from EPIX had already inked a deal with Sling TV and with the Sling TV Android TV app becoming available a couple of weeks ago, it did seem likely that content from these providers would also be en route soon enough too. Of course, there has been no official confirmation on most of these apps (besides the Nvidia blog post and odd mentioning at I/O) and therefore, there is no definitely information on when Android TV users can expect to see the apps land and become available. That said, any information that there is more Android TV compatible content coming, will be good news for the platform and device owners alike.

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