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With Father's Day, just around the corner you might be stuck looking for a last minute present. If that is the case, then Android TV is an option to consider. It might not sound like an obvious choice, but if your dad is into his tech, then the chances are he will enjoy Android TV as a gift. The platform has come a long way since its unveiling last summer and later release in the Fall. What's more, is that it looks set to have a great rest of 2015 with developments, apps and availability of devices starting to come through. So the question then remains which unit to get for him?

Well, the main choice you will find yourself with is whether to buy a built-in option or a standalone one. This particular choice will be easier than you think, as price, will play a determining role. The built-in options obviously come built-in to something else and this is where the price will jump significantly. At the moment, the built-in choices only consist of TV units that come powered by Android TV and these are rather big units too. Although there were a number of TV manufacturers who have committed to the platform it is only Sharp and Sony who have brought TVs to the market. There are quite a few size models on offer but to highlight the price, Sony Android TV options range from $1,2999 up to about $8,000. Alternatively, with Sharp the options are slightly more limited with three main units on offer right now. These ones range from $1,699 up to $2,599. A number of the Android TV built in options from Sharp and make use of 4K displays (which is another aspect that has increased the price) and will mean your dad is getting the ultimate gift this year.


If you want to go for a more affordable Android TV gift for Father's Day, then you will be better off with the standalone units. These are independent units which can simply be connected to any existing TV and will offer the same level of Android TV functionality. The only real decision you need to make here is whether your dad is into his gaming or not. If not, then the Nexus Player will be an excellent option. It is the flagship device which began the Android TV revolution and is the best priced of all the units. Not to mention, since the later standalone arrivals have come through, the Nexus Player has seen even bigger price drops. For instance, right now you can pick one up for under $70. On the other hand, if your dad is into his games then you might want to consider going for one of the other options like the Razer Forge TV. This unit places an emphasis on games and especially for those interesting in PC games, as this one comes with the ability to sync and Stream games from your PC directly to the device. The Razer Fore TV currently comes in around the $150 marker, which is for the bundle pack and includes a gaming pad. Last, but not least, there are the newer arrivals from NVIDIA. These are the most popular options right now as they combine good levels of functionality and specs with an affordable price tag. The NVIDIA SHIELD is another device which places an emphasis on gaming and comes with the processor to handle all your gaming needs. Not to mention, the NVIDIA SHIELD is available in two storage variants. The first is the standard 16GB model which comes in around the $199 marker and the other is a much larger 500 GB model known as the NVIDIA SHIELD Pro and this one comes with a massive 500GB internal storage level.

So there you go. If you have been wondering what to get him for Father's Day and time is running out. Then not only should Android TV be an option to consider, but will probably be one he will enjoy. Whether, he is interested in games, movies, TV Shows or tech in general, Android TV is a great platform to introduce your dad too and it seems now is a great time to make that introduction. Just make sure he has a Google account set up. He will need it.

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