Android M Security Features Implemented on New RBC App

June 3, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

You may know, last week was the annual Google I/O conference in San Francisco, where Google made the big announcement regarding their next operating system upgrade, Android M.  Android M looks to be a huge refinement of the current Android Lollipop, especially when it comes to having many items ‘baked’ directly in the OS, making it easier for developers to write applications.  Security is a big priority, especially in a Mobile Banking App, and RBC is the first financial institution that jumped at the chance to develop a new app for the Android M Developer Preview.  RBC understands that its customers want their mobile payments to be fast and easy, but most importantly, secure.  RBC has always been on the forefront on innovating faster and safer ways for their customers to conduct business with them and this new app will be part of the RBC Wallet.

Linda Mantia, executive vice-president, Digital, Payments and Cards, RBC said, “As we further enhance RBC Wallet and our mobile solutions, the security and protection of our client’s personal data is paramount.  This new feature heightens security while providing an exceptional client experience with a simpler and quicker process for authentication and payment.”

RBC was at the Google I/O, introduced and demonstrated this new app and its features.  RBC was particularly interested in a set of protocols for building software applications that included ‘Fingerprint and Confirm Credential’ that enables the use of security credentials, such as a PIN or using your Fingerprint to authenticate the user of the app.  RBC will immediately start using these new features to make signing in and using their services as fast, easy and secure as possible.  According to RBC, the RBC Wallet will provide clients with the following benefits:

Utilizes the same PIN that locks the phone to access RBC Wallet – Eliminates having to remember multiple passwords – Increases security as authentication is now tied to the device hardware – Speeds up the payment process – Employs a timeout security mechanism that does not require clients to re-enter their PIN to transact within that pre-set time frame – and Provides clients the choice to complement their PIN with their fingerprint to access RBC Wallet and make mobile payments.

It is nice to see that Google’s Android M is being taken so seriously and being utilized so quickly by a big financial institution.  By the time Google releases Android M, app developers will be ready to go with apps that take advantage of Android M’s new features, and it should be an exciting time come this fall or winter.

RBC Android M Security in App