Android How To: Check Data Usage on the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Data Usage AH 1

For those of you that haven’t used MIUI in a while, or even at all, you could be a bit lost in all the features that are there. MIUI is Xiaomi’s custom skin that they throw on top of Android. It’s actually probably one of the better skins out there. It changes some things, but not because it can. I’ve been using the Mi Note Pro for about a week – in fact the review just got published this morning – and one of the things that I had to learn was where the Data Usage was located. On most phones, you can just pop into Settings, and under Wireless & Networks, you’ll see data usage there. However, on the Mi Note Pro, and other Xiaomi smartphones, that’s not where Data Usage is located.

On the Mi Note Pro, there is an app called “Security”. In that app there are all kinds of cool features, with one of them being data usage. In the center of the top row, you’ll see data usage. Just tap on that icon. Now you’ll see the data used by each SIM card, remember this is a Dual-SIM LTE phone. You are also able to restrict app data usage, as well as checking out data usage stats.

One of the things I like about how data usage is represented in MIUI is the fact that you can view data usage for today, yesterday or for the month. Making it very easy to see how much data you used yesterday or today compared to the rest of the month. And as you’d expect, it also breaks it down by app. So you can see which app is using the most data. Definitely helpful, to find out which apps are using your limit.

While this may not be better than just popping into Settings and tapping on Data Usage, it does give you a bit more information and options than most other smartphones do. Which is something that MIUI is pretty well known for. In fact, you can also deny permissions for certain apps in the OS as well. Which is something that’s coming in Android M. So that’s how you check data usage on the Mi Note Pro, or really any MIUI-based smartphone.