Android Headliner: Would Nokia Or Blackberry Be Better Suited For Android

Nokia Blackberry

Over the last few weeks, there have been a number of rumors floating around about Blackberry entering the Android space with a device, and while there have been no confirmations so far, a Blackberry device running Android officially might be one of the best moves Blackberry has made in recent years. There has also been speculation on whether or not Nokia might make an Android device in the future, as they’re due to be free to manufacture handsets again under the Nokia brand starting next year. With that capability open, they have the possibility to present consumers with an Android smartphone that could carry a similar experience to that of their Android-powered tablet, the Nokia N1.

With the possibility for both manufacturers to release a proper Android smartphone, which company is better suited for the market? Arguably both OEMs would find a group of customers interested in checking out the device. Both are well-known brands and have been around for years, so naturally, should they release a proper Android smartphone people will initially be interested. Nokia have been around quite a bit longer than Blackberry, and they’re almost exclusively known for having some of the best-made phones from back in the day. Whether or not they still provide that kind of experience in the handset market is probably something which people will be torn about. The fact remains though that most people think quality when they hear Nokia, at least, those that are familiar with Nokia from their pre-Windows days. Should Nokia decide to start making proper Android smartphones, we could likely expect them to bring a well-designed device to the table with compelling features/hardware and a software interface that people actually like. The downside for Nokia though, is that they’re Windows-based Lumia phones have a hit and miss track record, and are nowhere near the caliber of quality they put forth years ago, so anyone who is only familiar with Nokia from the last few years may be a little more skeptical to pick one up.

As for Blackberry, most of their devices have been fairly top notch with a great user experience. The biggest downside for them is the unpopular software. Their operating system has become dated and it doesn’t offer enough to consumers to keep them interested. With Blackberry potentially releasing an Android phone, they could take a step in the right direction to rebuilding their brand. They have decent hardware, and with Android on board to offer a stellar software experience, they could have a decent chance at selling plenty of devices. They also have security perfected to a T, and an Android-powered Blackberry with access to the Play Store and Android’s wealth of app choices, with Blackberry’s security strength, could be an exciting device to behold. Blackberry’s most popular feature is already on Android too, as BBM has been available as a chat option for Android devices out of beta for the better part of a year. All consumers need is a proper Android Blackberry to load BBM for Android onto and they could have a genuine Blackberry experience, but with Android as the OS.

Whether or not Blackberry or Nokia ever make a proper Android device and release it to the public is still uncertain, but both companies could stand to benefit immensely from the act. Their biggest hurdles might be convincing people to jump on board and give them a shot when the most recent memories of either brand are attached to dismal handset sales and lackluster app experiences constrained by their operating systems, i.e. Blackberry and Windows. Which company is better suited for an Android device? It’s hard to say, but rest assured that if the moment comes when either officially makes an announcement about an Android device, people will stand up and take notice, then it will be up to both companies to carry things the rest of the way.