Android Game of The Week: Angry Birds Fight!

Rovio has been branching out on different types of games for a while now, even though most of them have somewhat centered around their popular Angry Birds franchise. The latest in this growing line of games is Angry Birds Fight!, a non-traditional Match 3/puzzler mixed with some PvP elements thanks to the included online multiplayer battles you can have with random players or with friends and family, if they play of course. Before you jump into playing this new title, prepare yourself for some over the top ridiculousness and otherwise "out there" hilarity. It's a Match 3 game to the core for sure, but the more panels you match in one go, and the amount of matches you make total can have a sublime effect on how much you power up your bird to prepare for the fight aspect of this zany game.

The game starts off pretty simple as you're guided through a tutorial on how to play, which is to be expected to get new players acquainted with the game. You go through one trial match against the computer (the evil pig) to show you the ropes, then you'll go through other computer matches against other birds (with tips) to make your bird even stronger. Eventually you can play online against others players too. As you play you can level up and power up your bird, as well as equip them with gear and weapons to help make them stronger in fights.

During matches you can actively seek out panels to match which will create combos, and every once in a while you'll create a combo wave so devastating you can toss a crate on your opponent that seems to slow them down. Rovio has incorporated all sorts of ways to gain experience for your bird and level up, which happens normally as you play, but the more games you win in a row the more "XP" you're granted than you would get by winning just one match. You'll also occasionally obtain gear after matches, almost like loot drops which can then be equipped and used in later fights at the end of future matches. Overall it's a little bit of crazy fun with some strategic thinking and a little bit of competition thrown in for good measure. If you have been a fan of the Angry Birds franchise and aren't above trying something new, give this a shot.

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