Android Game News Weekly June 19th: Torchlight Mobile, Humble Bundle & More


There has been a fair bit of news surrounding games this week seeing as how the annual E3 conference took place and ended just yesterday, and while not all the game details revolve around actual mobile games, a lot of it in some way, shape, or form has to do with mobile. To kick things off we'll highlight a couple of the biggest announcements, then give list of some quick mentions of the rest of the highlights.

Runic Games Bringing Torchlight To MobileTorchlight Mobile

If there's one thing which Android has no shortage of when it comes to game types, its action/rpg dungeon crawlers. When it comes to excellent games in this category, the choices begin to thin out.  This is where fans of the game type should begin to get excited, as Runic Games, the company behind the popular dungeon crawler franchise game for PC and consoles Torchlight, has announced they'll be making a game for mobile devices called Torchlight Mobile. It was announced at E3 earlier this week, and while it won't be entirely like its counterparts, it should provide a fair bit of similar gameplay. For the moment there is actually not much detail surrounding the game, but those interested in learning all the details can sign up to learn more at the official Torchlight Mobile website. We would expect this to be a slimmed down version of the PC/console version of the game but perhaps with a brand new story. One thing that isn't expected is a mobile port of either of the original titles.


Humble Bundle Introduces Bulky Pix BundleHumble Mobile Bundle

Humble Bundle is back with their latest mobile bundle pack of games, and this time they're featuring a set of offerings from Bulky Pix. Usually with Humble Bundle game packs, you can pay what you want for a few games, but then you can unlock a few more titles if you pay whatever the average amount is. This also includes any games which get added to the pack later on in the future which is usually after a week or so from the bundles release. With this particular bundle, you have to pay at least $1 to start unlocking games, but if you pay a buck you can unlock four titles, which includes Type: Rider, Meltdown Premium, iPollute, and Pretentious Game Lover's Edition.

If you pay the average amount which is sitting at $3.84 at the time of writing, you'll also unlock Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Complete (meaning you get all of the episodes in this series of gamebooks), Corto Maltese, Twin Blades, and Dark Legends Premium Edition. As stated above paying the average amount also lets you unlock any additional games which are added to the bundle later on, so you're better off hopping on the bundle before that point when the average amount will most likely rise in price. If you're interested in this bundle, you can grab it from the main Humble Mobile Bundle web page.

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