Android Game News Weekly 06/07/2015: DOOM 3, Humble Bundle, GameFly, Minecraft, And More!


If you happened to miss any gaming related highlights this week, here's a wrap up of games which received updates, launched titles, and more.

Humble Mobile Bundle 13 Lands With 6 GamesHumble Mobile Bundle 13

Humble Bundle has recently launched their 13th mobile bundle, this time launching it with 6 games with more coming soon later on. For starters you can pick up a few games for any price you wish, which includes Timelines: Assault on America, The Ministry of Silly Walks, and Hellraid: The Escape. If you pay the average amount however, which at this time is currently sitting at $3.20, you'll also unlock three more games which includes Puzzle Retreat, Worms 3, and Twisty Hollow as well as any other games which are added to the pack later on. As always with Humble Bundles, any amounts you plunk down to pick up the awesome games included goes to help charity. You can head over to the Humble Bundle website to grab this pack of games and there is still a little over a week left before it disappears.


Minecraft: PE Gets More New Content In Latest UpdateMinecraft

Mojang has brought some pretty popular features from the beta version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition to the regular version of the Android game in the most recent update, so if you still play Minecraft: PE here's what to expect. Player skins have been brought over from the beta game to the regular game, allowing any players to add customized and prebuilt skins to their characters any time they wish. Certain skins will cost $1 each, while others will be free for consumption and players can also upload their own. There is also now multiple language support for the game although Mojang doesn't exactly list which languages those are, and players can now built boats which fit two players instead of just one. There are presumably many other new changes and additions to the game in this update, but Mojang is rather quiet on that and insists players discover those things for themselves. So, have at it!Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Gaming Quick Hits

Adventure game Rewind hits the Play Store For $2 – Play Store link

Racing game Yak Dash hits the Play Store for free – Play Store link


Natsume Announces New Harvest Moon game for Android, called Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

GameFly launched their game streaming service on Amazon Fire TV

Plants vs Zombies 2 gets latest content update


Glu launches Terminator Genisys: Revolution for free – Play Store link

Hitman Sniper lands on the Play Store for $5 – Play Store link

SBK15 coming to Android later in June


Subway Surfers gets update with new Venice content – Play Store link

RPG 'Fearless Fantasy' comes to Android via the Amazon App Store

DOOM 3: BFG Edition lands on the Play Store $10 for SHIELD devices – Play Store link