Android App Updates – June 26th, 2015: Spotify, Facebook and More!


Spotify hits v3.1 on Android

The latest update for Spotify on Android brings a new start screen as well as Spotify Running. Not to mention podcasts are now part of the app. These aren't really new, we knew they were coming. But as usual, iOS got these features before Android did.

Facebook v37 Now Available



Facebook put out a new version of their app this week. With the big headlining feature being that you can move the app to your SD card. Which is a nice feature, especially those in emerging markets who have phones with just a tiny bit of space.

IFTTT Updates their four Android Apps


This week, IFTTT updated all of their Android apps, bringing IF to version 1.4, with DO Camera, DO Note and DO Button hitting version 2.0. The big update for the IF app is the addition of the battery channel for Android. While all four apps get support for unlimited recipes.


Tim Horton's launches Keyboard app so you can type like a Canadian

Screenshot 2015-06-26 08.31.53

Tim Horton's, probably one of the most well-known Canadian businesses, have just launched a new keyboard. It's the EHmoji keyboard, so you can now type like a Canadian, eh. It's a pretty cool app, yet also pretty funny.

Plex v4.5 Can Launch with Google's Voice Commands



So this update to Plex is pretty sweet. You can now launch Plex through your phone's launcher by using Google's Voice Commands in Google Now. You can say something like, "OK Google, search for the Big Bang Theory on Plex" and it'll show you episodes of the Big Bang Theory on Plex, of course, that's if you have the Big Bang Theory in Plex.

Kindle for Android Gets updated

Screenshot 2015-06-26 08.37.16

This week, the Amazon Kindle app for Android was updated, and now allows you to share book quotes and previews with your friends. This is great for Amazon, as it'll get more people interested in books and thus lead to more sales for the company. The app is available for download now through the Google Play Store.