Amazon Now Selling Nexus 6 32GB For $499 & 64GB For $549


While the continued onslaught of new smartphones hit the market, towards the end of last year, Google, who had teamed up with Motorola, Unveiled their latest Nexus smartphone, the Nexus 6 by Motorola. The first thing that became clear when the Nexus 6 was unveiled was its big screen, which comes in at a whopping 5.9-inches and making this one of the bigger smartphones available and certainly one of those which is firmly placed in the phablet category. However, the other big aspect that was noted during the unveiling, was the price. That is compared to what is considered to be a 'Nexus price'.

At the time of launch, the Nexus 6 was priced at $650 for the standard 32GB version and then $700 for the bigger 64GB version. Therefore, you could essentially pick up twice the amount of storage for only an additional $50. However, the price is still at the steep end of the market. Although, there had been the odd flash sale or drop in price since the release of the Nexus 6, it has still remained steadily priced. Well, yesterday the Google Store dropped the price of the device by $150 off of all models. It now looks as though Amazon have followed suit and also dropped the price by the same discount,


Now, you can pick up the 32GB Nexus (in either Midnight Blue or Cloud White) for only $499.99. Likewise, if you are after that bigger memory size then you can also pick up the 64GB Nexus for $549.99. Once again, just $50 more for the much bigger storage limit. While there the price is exactly the same as that offered from the Google Store, the benefit of ordering directly from Amazon, is that these are products which are 'sold and shipped' by Amazon and therefore, you can take advantage of Prime shipping. This will definitely be an advantage over Google who can be at times quite slow with their shipping. It is also worth pointing out that at the moment, there is no clear indication of how long this deal is good for or as we have seen when the Nexus 6 first launched, how long it will be in stock for. If you are interested in picking up either a Midnight Blue or Cloud White Nexus 6 for as low as $499.99, then you can grab one by clicking the links below.

Nexus 6 From $499 – Midnight Blue

Nexus 6 From $499 – Cloud White

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