Amazon Fire TV Takes 30% Of The Streaming Market

There has been quite the boom of new living room streaming devices over the past couple of years. Some of the more popular media streaming devices that have been released somewhat recently are the Chromecast and Fire TV, released by Google and Amazon respectively. Both of these devices are great examples because they are unique in some way compared to the competition. This showed for both of these devices in sales numbers, but some new numbers point this out even more so for Amazon's Fire TV.

Back in 2014 Amazon released their version of a media streaming set-top box called the Fire TV, as mentioned above. Almost immediately, the device got a decent amount of traction among users and some great reviews as well. But, nobody really knew just how well Amazon's Fire TV was selling relative to its competition, until now. According to some new numbers from Strategy Analytics, the Fire TV took 30% of the market in Q1 of 2015 for media streaming devices. That's a pretty significant number, especially for a device that hasn't even been around that long.

The Strategy Analytics report didn't stop with just the above information, there were some other findings in the report worth mentioning as well. For instance, 3.5 million media streaming devices were sold in just Q1 of 2015 alone, that's more than Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray players. Also, there are about 35.7 million media streaming devices installed in homes across the US, that means that about 30% of US homes contain at least a single media streaming device. These large numbers were being produced mainly by devices made by Apple and Roku, now though, Google and Amazon are right there with them selling a significant amount of media streaming devices as well.

Just to give some context as to how well the Chromecast and Fire TV are currently selling, here are some sales numbers from the same Strategy Analytics report. To date, 8.5 million Chromecast units have been sold and 4.5 million Fire TV devices have been sold. These are great numbers to see and as these devices get better and better, more will be sold. You can clearly see the media streaming market taking over and maybe one day television as you know it today will become a thing of the past.

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