All Black Theme In The Works For Samsung Galaxy S6

One of Android's greatest strengths is in the flexibility and customizable options. As Android is mostly an open source operating system, this means that the source code may be downloaded, taken apart, inspected, adjusted and put back into a working installation. Over the years, we've seen how developers large and small have created their own version of Android with either relatively minor or significant changes to the core operating system. Some of these changes include how Android works, but for many people, replacing the stock software on a device is not something they are willing, able to or prepared to delve into, especially when we consider how modern smartphones are often (but not always!) several hundred dollars and it is possible to stop a device from working properly by incorrectly installing custom software.

To this end, we have seen the major manufacturers designing their own theme engine, which for 2015 have come pre-installed on the flagship models from HTC, LG and Samsung. A theme engine allows the customer to almost completely change how a given device looks and feels, with icons, sounds, colors, widgets and more able to be quickly and easily adjusted. For Samsung, the new Galaxy S6 family has a built-in theme engine installed and it should be no surprise that this has already proven very popular with over six million downloads already. And just the other day, we reported how a Material Design-inspired theme was in the works for the Galaxy S6 device, which had already been approved by Samsung and was awaiting final edits. This theme in particular might be a way to make the Galaxy S6 look and feel that little bit closer to the stock Google interface but with the advantage of the S6's cutting edge hardware. Today we bring you the news that the Material Design theme creator Samer Zayer, has an all-black Galaxy S6 theme that he is currently working on.

As well as looking particularly dark and menacing, the All Black theme has another important advantage for the Galaxy S6: it minimizes the use of the screen. This is because the S6 features an AMOLED panel, which only illuminates the pixels that it needs to and achieves the inky deep blacks on the display simply because these pixels are not illuminated. As such, in theory the All Black theme could save battery power, although it is impossible to speculate as to if this would be noticeable by most customers.

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