AH Weekly Poll: Do You Think YouTube Gaming Will Succeed?

With the announcement of YouTube Gaming today there is likely much on people's minds about the platform, like when will it officially go live? What are all the features? Will streamers be paid? If so, how? The list goes on as there is still many unknowns with this brand new service from Google and the YouTube team. One of the biggest questions though has got be whether or not YouTube Gaming will succeed. With a frontrunner in the game streaming market like Twitch, who now has the backing of Amazon since the official acquisition, even a company with the bankroll and talented people at Google could have a little bit of difficulty taking on Twitch. If there's any company that may be able to run alongside them tit for tat though, it's Google.

YouTube has been around for quite some time, longer than Twitch, and since YouTube Gaming will be taking a complete focus to game streaming only, without all the other regular YouTube content, viewers won't have to worry about sifting through lists of junk they don't care to watch. They can search for and easily find exactly what they want to see, whether it's a heated League of Legends match or someone playing around with the latest mods for Grand Theft Auto V. From the early details that we know about, which admittedly isn't much yet, YouTube Gaming will have some tricks up its sleeve. Will it be enough to topple Twitch as the reigning king though? Will it succeed in at least being as popular? Time will tell. What do you think?

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