AH Primetime: The War Between Apple And Google Evolves

Google has been competing head-to-head with Apple for quite a while now. Ever since the internet giant launched Android, its own mobile operating system, the company behind iOS begun doing what they could to avoid being surpassed as the most popular mobile OS. Not so long after its release, Android exponentially grew and took the number one position as the most well-adopted mobile operating system. Android surpassing iOS in popularity, started a war between Apple and Google in which one company is always working hard to innovate as much as the other. But, as both operating systems continue to evolve, so does the war between Apple and Google, neither of the two companies follow the same vision or strategy, due to the fact that each one is moving towards the ecosystem they want, not being driven by just by the new announcements the other company makes.

During this year's Google I/O developers conference, it was made clear how Google is differentiating itself from and Apple and vice versa. Each company is fueled by its own mission, not letting the pressure from new products or announcements affect them as much as previously. After several years of just seeing one company trying to top out the other, it appears that Apple and Google have reached a higher level of confidence in their own mobile operating systems, that essentially allows them to move in the direction they each want.

But, even if Apple and Google might be pursuing different goals with their mobile operating systems, the war between companies is still undergoing, but it has progressed into something different to what the whole tech community was used to. Google seems to be moving towards the goal of improving the experience inside all of their services, without taking into consideration which operating system they are using. During the Google I/O, the internet giant announced how it wants to seamlessly connect and move between devices and continue to make use of the upcoming products and their already existing services, like Gmail, Search, YouTube, Play Music among others. The main difference between the two companies is that Google wants you to enjoy all of its products and services, whether you use an Android-powered device or an iPhone; whereas Apple is now working to make their users rely less on Google services. The company behind the iPhone has a new goal of producing a more personalized experience inside its own products, but that would require to minimize the use of other services, including Google's. Apple services only work on Apple devices, it makes sense that the company is not comfortable with its users relying on other services or platforms. The war between Apple and Google seems to have shifted to which company controls the most devices, regardless of the operating system.

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