AH Primetime: Google Aims To Simplify Your Life

Google is working towards a new goal that will bring all the services and products you use, together and operating seamlessly with each other, allowing the internet giant to have an even greater impact on the everyday life of its own customers. Google has always found a strong motivation in making computing easier and more accessible to everyone, with new innovations and improvements to the company's services, this goal was each day closer to being essentially complete, but in the span of just a few months, Google has been giving away hints of them taking a whole new approach with their services.

The company behind the world's most popular mobile operating system is in the process of setting a new company-wide goal, which is a tad bit more ambitious than just making the usage of computers easier. Google revealed during this year's I/O annual conference, various products that will not only improve the user's interactions with their smartphones or their own desktop computers, but will extend into making everyone's lives much simpler, achieved with an innovative approach to the Internet of Things. Android is the main element of this new ambitious goal, as Google has already implemented the once-exclusive to mobile operating system into a wide array of items, including smartphones, tablets, cars, and even home appliances, among others. With Android already present in numerous types of electronics, Google is now focusing on the way said electronics will connect and interact together with each other, and how will the user's life will be simplified thanks to these connections between devices.

Google will not only create the links between gadgets, as that has already been done by several major companies. The internet giant will further innovate and simplify the interactions between users and devices by giving users a new way of accessing the many services of Google, such as Gmail, Google Search, Google Now, Maps, and so on. Imagine being able to approach your refrigerator and just asking Google Now what you should eat with the ingredients available, Google will then display the recipe for a full meal; based on the food you like and search frequently. Google will bring together all of their services and products into your everyday life, in order to make everything a much simpler task. With Google's new goal, users will be able to focus on what's important for them, and not have to struggle with tasks that shouldn't require that much effort or time.

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