AH Primetime: Android-Powered Blackberry Won't Succeed

Blackberry's demise began back in the year 2007, when the first iPhone was released, the company failed to quickly embrace new technologies, such as touchscreens. Blackberry refused to take advantage of the whole evolving smartphone market, and decided to keep doing what they knew best, not taking any risks whatsoever by trying to innovate; this is something that numerous companies do when facing a shifting market, unfortunately for Blackberry, this move led the company to a virtual bankruptcy, barely being profitable. After several unsuccessful attempts at regaining the popularity that it once had, Blackberry might be planning another audacious move that might be slightly unconventional, and even debatable. Blackberry has been surrounded by a wide number of rumors regarding the possibility of the company launching a new smartphone powered by Google's own mobile operating system, Android; earlier this week, those rumors began surfacing again, reinforcing the feasibility of an Android-powered Blackberry. Although it might not be as good of an idea, contrary to what many believe.

Android is without a doubt one of the main elements found in a successful smartphone, but it is not by any means all that it's needed to build one. Blackberry must realize that Android is not the moving force that will bring the reputation it once had; this has been a recurring issue with several companies, such as Sony or HTC. Both of these companies had an extremely difficult time building the success they have today, they didn't earn it just by adding Android to their new devices, Sony and HTC. By ditching their own mobile OS, Blackberry is moving towards the right direction to build the new bases for a prosperous future.

If Blackberry moves on with their plans to add Android into an upcoming smartphone, the company will most likely use a variant of the mobile OS, with FireOS being the most likely variant of Android to make it into the Android-powered Blackberry. Since the company already has a partnership with Amazon to allow Blackberry users to download and run thousands of Android apps in a run-time, it would be the most feasible move to extend their partnership to allow Blackberry to launch a new Android-powered smartphone. If this Blackberry ever becomes a reality, it would only be a product to determine whether it is better to completely ditch the Blackberry OS, or not.

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