Acer Chromebase Being Listed For $330 & Expected This Month

Acer Chromebase AH

Chromebooks did not feature heavily when Google took to the stage last week at their annual developer’s conference, I/O 2015. This was in spite of rumors which begun circulating shortly before the event. suggesting that a number of new 2-in-1 type Chromebooks will be landing in 2015. Including two Google-branded items. Either way though and regardless of how much attention (or lack thereof) Chromebooks received at I/O, there is little arguing with how much the industry seems to be growing. Almost, on a monthly basis there seems to be a new addition to the Chrome OS family being announced.

In fact, the weeks including and following MWC in March saw a number of announcements from various manufacturers announcing their offerings for the year ahead. One of the companies who decided to make their announcement a few weeks after MWC was Acer, who at the very start of April, announced the launch of a few new Chrome-based products and one of them was the Acer Chromebase. Unlike your more traditional Chromebooks, the Chromebase was an all-one type solution running on Chrome OS. The Acer Chromebase was announced to come with a 21.5-inch IPS touchscreen display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. While inside the Chromebase was confirmed to include a Nvidia Tegra K1 quad-core processor, a HD webcam, twin 3W speakers, WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. However, since then little further details had been announced.

Well, it now seems there is some news emerging on the Acer Chromebase although, it does have to be stated that none of these details have been officially confirmed. Either way though the latest is that it does seem that some retailers have now started listing the Chromebase on their sites along with a $329.99 price tag. +Brent Sullivan (source link below) was the person who identified the retailers and has since confirmed that after speaking with one of them, the expected shipping date of the Chromebase is likely to be the second half of June. Once again, none of these later details have been confirmed, although, with the second half of June fast approaching and some stores already listing the product, it does seem likely that the details may have some grounding.