YouTube Will Soon Let You Buy Products Shown In Adverts

May 21, 2015 - Written By John Anon

No matter what android device you have and no matter how many Google services or features you choose to use, YouTube is more than likely one of them. Its range of content increases at an almost unimaginable rate and there is literally something for everyone. As such, Google do take YouTube very seriously and are always thinking of new ways they can improve the service and make it better. For instance, it was only announced earlier today that YouTube seems to have now picked up support for 60fps playback. However, that is not the only update that now seems to en route soon enough.

Anyone who watches YouTube frequently will be well aware of the adverts that are in place on most videos. That said, they are generally quite good adverts. Users can typically skip after a couple of seconds and this is where Google’s TrueView system comes into effect. Sellers who advertise on YouTube with Google are only charged if viewers watch their entire advert. If a user skips, they are not charged. Win-win for everyone. Well, the latest on this point is that Google are planning to make adverts a little but more effective, more importantly, more interactive.

Google announced today that starting soon they will be offering ‘TrueView for Shopping’. In short, from the seller’s point of view, this will allow them to more effectively offer information and the ability to click through and buy, all from within their video advert. Hopefully, converting those who skip into those who watch the whole advert and those who watch the whole advert into those who buy. From the viewers perspective, Google looks to be implementing a system which will allow you to buy products you see in adverts on YouTube. Again, quite likely a win-win for everyone. The announcement does go on to state that due to high use of YouTube on mobile devices (50% apparently), the new TrueView for Shopping system will work seamlessly on all devices from mobiles through to desktops. Both sellers and viewers interested in knowing more, can read the full Google post by clicking the source link below.

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