YouTube Possibly Getting Offline Audio-Only Playback Soon

May 16, 2015 - Written By John Anon

YouTube is one of the apps that received an update in the last week. In particular, the YouTube app for mobile devices. One of the big headline points of the update was the ability for a user to pause their watch history. In short, stop YouTube from registering what you are currently watching and recommending similar content on the main screen. Sort of like an incognito YouTube mode. Well, that update saw YouTube being brought up to 10.18. However, it now seems the next incremental update is already available, bringing the app up to version 10.19 and this one seems to come with some minor feature upgrades and one very interesting possible future feature.

The first notable feature is what seems to be a permanently stationed cast button. While, in the past, the cast button would only display when a cast(able) device was nearby, it now seems the button is permanently active and displayed, regardless of whether casting. In fact, it appears on virtually all screens of the app. The next notable feature to be included is a slight refinement of how privacy settings are displayed for uploaded content. In short, when you upload content to YouTube, the option to either share publicly, unlisted or privately have all been made to look a little more refined. Nothing major here, but instead, just an aesthetic improvement.

However, a teardown by Android Police (source link below) does highlight that an interesting feature might very well be on the horizon. This one in particular, will be one which will be of immense interest to music fans and subscribers to the Music Key feature that YouTube recently introduced. In short, the new feature will allow users to simply grab only the audio track component from a video and keep the audio for offline playback. Therefore, presumably you will be able to search for any music video you like, grab only the audio track and not have to worry about storing larger video files on your device. Of course, there are no indications as to when YouTube will flick the switch on this feature, but either way, knowing it is there and likely to be introduced soon is still nice. Those interested can grab the updated 10.19 version of the YouTube app by clicking the download link below.

YouTube 10.19.53 Download