YouTube For Android Gains Pause Watch History Feature

May 11, 2015 - Written By Dennis Patrick

A new feature was added to the YouTube application for Android recently. The update brings YouTube to version 10.18 and the latest feature will finally grant users the ability to pause their watch history. No longer will users be forced into having videos show up within their history while browsing the Android YouTube app. We’ll let you know how to activate the new feature along with some benefits that will be included if you just so happen to select the pause history feature function. We’ll give you a hint, no more embarrassing related and recommended videos!

The latest pause watch history function isn’t new; in fact the full YouTube website already offers the feature. This is a little privacy bonus where users who wish to keep some YouTube videos secret from prying eyes can do so. How this works exactly is that when selected, YouTube will no longer keep a track record of what YouTube videos you begin to watch. If you don’t want anyone else to know that you’re secretly watching YouTube videos during the job then this feature may come of use. Furthermore, by deactivating the feature, your personal recommended and related video titles will no longer be subjected around the content recently watched.

Now in order to get the latest feature on your YouTube application then you will have to update the app to 10.18. This application update will add the pause history feature which can be activated through the privacy settings. If you’re a bit lost on where that’s exactly located then simply hit the menu followed by settings. Lastly, it will be worth mentioning that this feature will be synced across multiple devices. Once you select the pause history option for YouTube then you’ll find that all your devices that are connected through your personal Google account will also have that feature checked. I’m sure for those who have any variation of tablets, handsets and computers will appreciate the extra convenience placed for privacy. If by chance you are looking for the feature and have still not found it then please wait a few days. The update is making its way to the Google Play Store.