XOLO and Nexian Chromebooks to Launch in India Soon

XOLO Chrome


Google’s Internet-focused Chrome OS platform has come an awfully long way since it was announced some years ago, and now Chromebooks have become popular laptops throughout many countries across the globe. Now, they’re finally becoming available in India through the XOLO and Nexian brands. If you’re not sure what a Chromebook is, it’s basically a laptop like any other, but it’s designed to make the most of your online life. While many have said that this is a big weakness for the platform, it has turned out to be one of its greatest strengths. They’re also often extremely affordable, offering great value for money.

The two devices that are launching in India soon are from XOLO and Nexian, and share common ground with each other. Under-the-hood of both of them are Rockchip 3288 processors with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of SSD storage. These are both 11.6-inch devices with display resolutions of 1366 x 768. Every WiFi and Bluetooth standard is supported here, including dual-band WiFi if you can find it. Both are rated for 10-hours of battery life, and the Nexian differs from the XOLO model by offering a removable battery. Both of them feature two USB ports, a webcam and an SD card reader.

Smita Hashim, Global Product Manager of Chrome OS said that “Since launching Chromebooks in India, we’ve been working to ensure that Chromebooks work in an environment where connectivity can be spotty, and many people’s first experiences with technology and through a phone rather than a laptop”. The XOLO Chromebook will be available exclusively through Snapdeal while the Nexian model will be available from Amazon. Both will cost RS 12,999, making them some of the cheapest laptops available. It is a shame to not see Intel processors inside of these models, but it’s a good start and hopefully over time, the more budget-minded Chromebooks will continue to come down in price while offering great value for money.

Nexian Chromebook