WhatsApp Pushes its Material Design Update to the Play Store

Whatsapp AH 1

About a month ago, WhatsApp released their beautifully designed Material Design version of the app in beta. Many of us have been using it for a bit. But this morning, WhatsApp released the update into the Play Store for everyone to have and use! It’s version 2.12.84, for those that might have been wondering. The update includes a complete design in just about every facet of the app. Even in the share menu. We also have new profile icons, which are now round, as well as a transparent status bar. Which makes the app even more beautiful, at least in my opinion. The app also seems to be a bit faster, but of course that could be a placebo effect. But faster is always better, not that the app was every really slow, however.

WhatsApp has been a pretty popular app, especially for those that don’t live in the US and have friends or family in the US. As it’s one of the free, and stable, services that allows you to message people all over the world. WhatsApp is actually the first non-Google messaging app to hit the 1 billion download mark. Which pretty much tells you why Zuckerberg bought it not too long ago. Even though Facebook Messenger is pretty popular, and getting more features all the time.

Now that WhatsApp’s material design update is in the Play Store, maybe they can work on ironing out the kinks with the Google Drive backup support, which showed up in one of the recent betas then got pulled. Hopefully it’s just to fix some bugs and it’ll be back. Another feature that would be great is GIFs, that’s one of the things that Hangouts does quite well over their competitors.

Either way, you should have the update available in the Play Store now. It actually updated overnight, automatically for me. If you don’t have automatic updates turned on, make sure you head to the Play Store and grab the update. You can hit the source link down below to grab the update.