Want the Galaxy S6 Edge’s People Edge on your Galaxy S6? Here’s How

May 6, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Outside of looking sexy, one of the biggest draws to the Galaxy S6 Edge is the fact that you can swipe in from the edge and choose someone to call. But you can also assign a few users a certain color. So when the device is face down on a desk or a table, it blinks that color, and you’ll know exactly who’s calling. Well you can now get that feature on your Samsung Galaxy S6 as well. Which shouldn’t be a huge surprise that a feature from another Galaxy device is now available on another one. It happens every year, actually.

What you’ll need is the “Edge Contacts” app from the Play Store. You can join the Google+ Community and become a tester to beta test it. Or you can just download it directly. We tried both and it’s the exact same version of the app. So either way will work fine. You’ll just install the app like any other app that you’re sideloading – unless you’re downloading it from Google Play. Now you’ll be in the settings, where you can decide whether you want the Edge Contacts to show the name, the Letter of the person or just their profile picture. That’s it for settings.

It took us a few minutes, but we did finally figure out how to add contacts to each color. Basically you need to hold the home button. Then you’ll see the five empty color circles with a plus sign inside them. Just tap on one and you’ll be taken to your contacts list and to choose a contact. And just repeat that for all of the colors. To access the Edge Contacts, you’ll need to hold the home button. Not exactly the same as on the Galaxy S6 Edge – as on the Galaxy S6 Edge you just swipe in from the right side – but it still works just as well, and doesn’t mean opening up another app.

You can find a link to the Google+ community down below, which will have the beta app as well as the direct download for you.