VR Is Getting More Social With The Swerve App


How the future will be is anyone's guess, but it is shaping up to be a lot of devices connected and every device seems to be changing with mobility in mind. One of the more interesting accessories for smartphones are VR headsets, they bring an immersive experience to the somewhat limited user interface of these devices. They help to create virtual worlds to play games as if we were inside the game and with the use of the smartphone's camera, they can even create an augmented reality, letting the users see the real world combined with virtual elements that you could interact with.

There seems to be a lot of interest from companies toward this kind of technology, Google has made a very accessible cardboard accessory for smartphones to create this effect, and there are some rumors suggesting that they could be working on a version of the Android OS for these headsets. Aside from gaming experiences or watching movies in 3D, Facebook has shown interest by buying Oculus VR and Oculus Rift.


Now, a report suggests that the first social network to become available for VR will be Twitter that has more than 280 million active users. That's because the London company Fourthwall is developing an app for Android called Swerve letting users view their feed for the aforementioned social network. The interface seems to be very interesting creating a 3D space that users will be able to navigate and search for hashtags and other information connecting related tweets. The app will be available for free at the Play Store later this month and those interested can register directly into the source to get early access. By the way, that same page mentions that soon there will be an interface for Instagram. Right now the plan is to release the app with compatibility with headsets that use an Android smartphone like Google Cardboard, Homido, Zeiss VR One and Vrtx One, but there's no word yet if they will make it compatible with the Samsung headsets like the Gear VR, because even if they use Android smartphones, they use the Oculus VR Store to manage their content.

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