Vida “Your 24/7 Personal Health Coach” Now Available for Android

May 1, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

There are many ‘health apps‘ popping up on the market today, but Vida, a popular app on iOS that has finally found its way to the Android platform promises to be different.  Vida calls itself a “marketplace of expert health coaches” that work together with you to either lose weight, get fit, or manage chronic illnesses through weekly video calls and with daily text-based support.  Vida has a range of health experts that cover 20 different areas of expertise, such as nurses, diabetes educators, medical assistants, nutritionists, personal trainers and physicians and over 50 “evidence-based programs” that can be adapted and personalized especially for your goals.  Stephanie Tilenius, co-founder and CEO of Vida said, “The overwhelmingly positive response to Vida from our iPhone and iPad users demonstrates strong interest in and need for expert, personalized, 24/7, mobile health coaching.  Our users requested expanded access to our mobile service and health experts and we’re happy to announce Vida is now available for Android with more services.”

Setting up Vida is very straight forward – you first must share your goals with Vida so the program can best setup a personalized plan for you.  Then you get to pick out the type of coach that you need to make the program work for you…do you need a – Cheerleader, Drill Sergeant, Innovator, Listener, Challenger or an Analyzer to best motivate you.  Vida then selects a coach based on your goals and the type of motivation you are looking to receive.  Your coach is available to you 24/7 to provide you with expert advice and to share or discuss your progress, whether it be – food consumption, cravings you may be having, diabetes issues, your stress level, sleep issues or blood pressure.

Vida will help you to develop a Wellness Plan involving your Nutrition, Exercise, Health Goals, Progress Reports and Expert Advice.  It is like having a real health coach in your pocket 24/7 to help you lose weight, get fit, detox, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes, reduce stress or simply feel better.  You Vida coach will connect with you through daily text messages and weekly video check-ins.

The new Vida Android release expands to allow the user to connect with more than one health expert at a time for no additional cost.  For example, a user can get a personal trainer and a diabetes educator working with them at the same time – realizing that many users have multiple issues that could not be handled by just one coach.  This version of Vida also allows users to invite family members, caregivers and friends to participate in their private coaching sessions.  Vida is HIPAA-compliant so there is no need of your private information finding its way outside of Vida.

Vida does come at a price – it will cost you $49 per month, $99 for a three-month membership or $249 for a yearly membership., although the first week is free so you can give it a try and see if Vida is right for you.  If you actually take advantage of the coaching, it is really not too expensive when you realize the your coaches on Vida are available 24/7 and would normally cost you $100 – $300 an hour for personalized service.  Vida for Android is available today in the Google Play Store and you can get started with a FREE video consultation with your Vida Coach.  They will go through their proven 32-point health assessment to learn more about you and put together your own 100% personalized health plan.