Verizon Fires Back at T-Mobile and Latest Campaign

May 15, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Just a short while ago, T-Mobile launched a new campaign which they called #NeverSettleForVerizon. Which we found out yesterday cost the company around $200,000. Basically T-Mobile is targeting Verizon customers and letting them try T-Mobile for a couple of weeks to see how their service is, and if they don’t like it they can stick with Verizon. Which I think is fair, and good on T-Mobile, since they know they don’t have the best network out there. Allowing users to try their network before signing on is a pretty good idea.

This time Verizon decided to fire back at T-Mobile’s campaign. They sent out a tweet stating “Honored to provide you with the coverage you deserve. #NeverSettle for less than the best.” Along with a picture of a Red umbrella and half of a magenta umbrella. I was actually a bit surprised that Verizon had responded to T-Mobile. One thing’s clear though, Verizon is definitely taking notice of T-Mobile, and it’s hard not too when they are adding as many new customers as they are each and every quarter, not to mention they are changing the industry single-handedly.

John Legere replied to a Twitter follower that pointed out the tweet from Verizon, saying that the company clings to old coverage maps. Which is true of all carriers – not so much T-Mobile these days. As T-Mobile did launch a new interactive map that updates with customer data from a few speed test apps. It also updates every few weeks, so that we always have pretty up to date information. Now that is something I’d like to see the other carriers do. Although, using Sensorly’s maps is still a great way to get unbiased coverage maps, not just in the US, but all around the world.

So Legere’s plan kinda backfired. But if he can get some Verizon users to switch over to T-Mobile, I think he’ll be more than happy. And knowing Legere, this won’t be the end of things. He’ll have more up his sleeves that we’ll see in the coming weeks. That much is guaranteed.