TWRP For The OnePlus One Now Supports Qualcomm Encryption


Two topics which have consistently been in the news over recent times is the 'OnePlus One' and 'encryption'. In terms of the first, the OnePlus One has proved itself to be one of the most popular smartphones currently on the market. This is in spite of the device being a debut device by OnePlus and in spite of the device costing half as much as those it intends to compete against. Not to mention, in spite of only recently reaching a status where it can be easily purchased without the need for an invite.

In terms of the second topic, encryption, this has been widely reported on in recent times, thanks to the heightened level of security users now expect from their devices and in terms of their data. In reality, it seems many devices and manufacturers are starting to look towards hardware encryption as the preference to software encryption. This is at the superficial level more beneficial, as it is more difficult to hack. One of those manufacturers looking to benefit from the adoption of a more hardware-based level of encryption, is Qualcomm.


Well, it now seems that TWRP has announced that the latest version of their recovery for the OnePlus One now supports Qualcomm's encryption method as well as the standard Android encryption option. A Google+ post sent out today (source link below) by one of the TWRP developers explains that more and more device manufacturers are likely to begin to move over to Qualcomm's method on future devices. In fact, Android as a whole is likely to see more of a shift towards this method. Therefore, TWRP are trying to proactively start the ball rolling on their end to make sure when the bigger swing to Qualcomm's method takes place, they are already ready for the change. In terms of why they have opted to offer the feature on the OnePlus One specifically (and before other devices), the reason given is that the OnePlus One is apparently, one of the more popular devices (in terms of TWRP download counts). That said, the announcement does note that the process was not an easy one. Either way, if you own a OnePlus One, downloading the latest version of TWRP will see support now offered for both Qualcomm and Android encryption. For a much more detailed explanation, you can head over to the source link below.

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