Tony Fadell Says To Expect Some Google Glass News Soon

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Back in February, Google put Nest’s Tony Fadell in charge of one of Google’s most popular Google X projects, Google Glass. Tony Fadell was the CEO of Nest, which had just been acquired by Google. Google also decided to shut down the Google Glass Explorer program after a long 2 years. Google Glass fans and technology journalists alike saw the combination of these two moves by Google as them giving up on the project. In fact, as everybody later learned, it was quite the opposite. Google handing control of the Google Glass project over to Tony Fadell and his team meant that Google Glass was graduating from the Google X division. Graduating from the Google X division at Google meant that a product was no longer in its “let’s see what happens if we do this” stage and was now being worked on as a consumer product. Low and behold, that’s exactly what Google announced was the case soon after shifting control of the product over to Tony.

Now, four months into his reign over Google Glass, Tony Fadell has finally made his first public comments on the matter. He is quoted saying, “We’ve decided to go and look at every detail, have no sacred cows and figure out the way forward. I have a really engaged team, they’re really excited about the future and expect more things to come soon.” This is enough to get any Google Glass fan very excited, especially due to the fact that this news comes right before Google IO 2015.

This is the type of news that everybody has been waiting to hear since Tony Fadell took over Google Glass. The news that would give people that little glimmer of hope that a consumer version of Glass was right around the corner. Like already mentioned above, Tony Fadell has made this statement right before Google’s big developer conference which is coming up in a little over a week. This could be nothing or it could be that Tony is hinting at the fact that we could see something amazing at Google IO pertaining to Glass. Needless to say, many will be hoping it is the latter.