Tips To Decrease Marketing Spend For Mobile Games

AH Clash of Clans 2

Gaming in general is a competitive market, and mobile gaming has fast become just as competitive, with increasing cost hikes in marketing spend for mobile gaming budgets. This is due in part to rising prices of advertising the cost per install of users, but there are ways developers can avoid having to spend as much on Android marketing. Optimizing keywords, as well as increasing the value of your game by adding in new and improved elements and game features are an important strategy to consider even if they only bring down the CPI costs slightly. In the end, any less that developers have to spend on marketing their mobile games is a positive.

Increased CPI costs aren’t the only thing causing a rise in marketing spend though. Things like increased costs for new ad formats which pump out high-performance results, and the more conventional TV advertising at expensive rates play a part as well. Spending on marketing can reap huge rewards, but there are tips and strategies to assist in helping developers spend as little as possible in these other areas too. Consider choosing a different ad format like Instagram or Google’s Play Store for example where mobile advertising is still beginning to flourish.

In regards to advertising on television, if you’re looking to get some recognition and exposure through a TV ad spot, expect that to come along with a high price tag. While there is nothing wrong with reaching users through TV, it’s simply an expensive method. How can you get around spending tons of money on TV advertising? One extremely useful tool is right at developers fingertips and it’s something which has a reach with millions upon millions of viewers. Online video streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch are an excellent example of how you can reach tons of viewers. People who stream games on a consistent basis may actually have some interest in streaming a game for little to no cost, and this is an outlet that should be explored as it can potentially reach a large number of eyes. More eyes on your game means more potential installs and ultimately, that’s what you want. Lastly, consider advertising directed at existing users as opposed to advertising meant for purchasing new ones. Keeping users loyal to your game is just as important as finding new users, something which is likely to get more difficult as more and more games hit the market. Advertising meant to re-engage and re-target users who have already experienced what you have to offer will be less expensive than advertising spending to grab new users who may not even show interest in your game. By targeting users who have already played, you know you’re trying to reach those who have already spent some time (even if only a little) enjoying your game.