Three Key Strategies For Effective Mobile App Marketing

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It’s a crowded market out their for mobile apps and games. Millions upon millions of apps are now available for download right away, and it doesn’t matter how good your new app or game is, there’s no guaranteeing it will become popular. The old adage of “Built it and they will come” just doesn’t work today, users won’t know whether or not you’ve even built anything unless you effectively market your mobile app. Here, we’ll go over three key strategies that will not only help get your new app or game off the ground, but also keep your mobile marketing strong for a long time to come.

Offer a Comprehensive and Exciting Press Kit

As someone who covers app news and such for a living, it is absolutely infuriating when there’s no press kit available. Sites like us are more than happy to spread the word on new apps and games launching, but if it’s too much trouble than it’s ultimately worth, then we might think twice about that. Time is money, and if there’s no press kit with screenshots for us to use and an excellent, snappy blurb to inform writers and our readers, then you’re less likely to appear on a site like ours. A good Press Kit needs three things; lots of screenshots showing different functions and different levels, a snappy and easily digested overview of the app and some links to YouTube videos. You might think it’s cool to use Vimeo or something else, but honestly YouTube is super-easy to embed into most blogging platforms and it makes it easy for any writer of any skill to share that trailer you worked hard on.

Put Together a Nice Mini-Site for Your App, And Link it Everywhere

Sure, you have a lot of room in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store to spread the word about your app, and show off screenshots, but the majority of readers just won’t read this. The common behavior is to just download the app and then worry about whether or not it’s good afterwards. With a mini-site however, which you can link to in your app store description, on Facebook and Twitter, you can get your message across however you see fit. Plus, it says a lot about an app or game that you have a polished website for new users to learn more about your offering and you and your team. Users are more likely to trust a firm with their own, polished website than just some guy publishing an app on the store because, why not?

Ask for Feedback and Engage with Users

The great thing about today’s internet is that it’s never been easier to touch your audience. You can help get your message across by engaging with commenters in app reviews, replying to feedback in the Google Play Store and by maintaining a speedy and responsive customer service presence. When a new app comes along, users are more likely to remember it for years to come – as well as recommend it to their friends staunchly – if they connect with the developer. Be kind, polite and give them the answers they want. It’s a lot easier to maintain a four-star rating in the Play Store if reviewers see that you’re active in responding to complaints, feature requests and feedback. Users love to offer feedback and even if you might not be able to act on their ideas right now, sometimes these users just want to be heard, and if you listen, then they’ll continue to support your app in the face of newcomers.