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Quizoid is an Android game for those that wish to test their knowledge with a game that offers players some real head-scratchers. Quizoid features over 5,000 questions, across 17 different categories and there are multiple game modes to play. It can be played in portrait, landscape or even casted to a TV using a Chromecast! There's a classic game mode that calls it game over when you get something wrong, a 20 questions mode that keeps things going and lets you know how well you've done and two modes available in the Pro version of the game. With three jokers, acting like lifelines, let's take a look at see what Quizoid has to offer for those Trivia buffs out there.

Just as with other games on Android, you'll need to download Quizoid from the Play Store. You'll want to sign in to Google Play Games as well.


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You can then choose from a game mode.

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Before you start, your chosen game mode will be explained to you before you get going.

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Taking a look at the classic game mode, you'll need to answer questions one after another, and if you get one wrong, that's the end of your go.


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The interface here is nice and easy to use, and the category is prominently displayed, too. The three jokers at the top each do different things and they're fairly straightforward to understand, too. There are both sound effects and fun animations included with Quizoid.


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I've played a lot of Trivial Pursuit with friends over the years, and I'm generally pretty good, but I found the questions in Quizoid to be quite a challenge, which was a nice breath of fresh air. The jokers are pretty great, and they make the 20 Questions game mode feel like you're on a quiz show.

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Quizoid is definitely a game more for those genuinely interested in doing well at these sort of games, and it shows. Over time, I got much better at the game, and was able to score about 75% in the 20 Questions mode. You can record all of your progress and have it shared with friends using Google Play Games.

quizoid category

There's a great selection of categories on offer here, and you can even create and submit your own questions, perhaps I should start adding some more Android-related questions?


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I enjoy quiz games and trivia, but more often than not, these games are geared towards the family side of things, and honestly, that's not something that interests me. I prefer to hone my skills for later quiz nights with friends or just see how well I can last in the 20 questions game mode. I can do without the kids' questions, and I'm glad that they're not here. Across 5,000+ questions, it'll be difficult to find something super-easy when playing Quizoid. You can also play with friends and family in the same room with a Chromecast, bringing an atmosphere of Who Wants to be A Millionaire to any living room. All-in-all, Quizoid is the trivia game that I'm more likely to spend time playing; it's challenging and the 5,000+ questions covering 17 different categories will keep people playing for a long, long time to come.


  • Speed (4/5) – Quizoid runs well, and there are no pesky timers to worry about, either.
  • Features (4/5) – With over 5,000 questions to work your way through, across 17 different categories with 4 different game modes there's a whole lot on offer here.
  • Theme (4/5) – The user interface here is all about the trivia, but there are fun animations here as well to spice things up, and it's never boring to the eye, either.
  • Overall (4/5) – A quality trivia game that's packed full of content, Quizoid could be the game that you've been looking for.


  • Has over 5,000 questions across 17 different categories, making it difficult to ever see the same question twice.
  • Works with a Chromecast, bringing a quiz show to the TV no matter where you are.
  • Three jokers are fun, yet fair and it keeps things fresh as well.
  • Keeps your progress tracked with a Google account, making things fresh and fun when playing online.


  • Those looking for something a little more family-friendly might want to look elsewhere.
  • Not a game for those new to quiz games or a little low on general knowledge.

Quizoid is a game that is designed for those really keen on their trivia, it's not meant for those that aren't that great at quizzes and it's not a game that's full of flashy effects. Instead, Quizoid is a game that has a lot to offer trivia fans that are looking for a quality challenge and a lot of questions to get stuck into. It's a great game and trivia buffs should definitely give it a go.


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