Sponsored Game Review: Bonus Slots

May 25, 2015 - Written By Tom Dawson


Bonus Slots is a Vegas-style slots game for Android that aims to offer players all the fun of the casino, without any of the associated hassle. Bonus Slots, unlike other slot games available, keeps all 20 of its pay lines active no matter how much you bet. There are multiple levels and slot themes available, and the more XP dice you match in-game, the more experience points you’ll gain to unlock these new levels. Bonus Slots doesn’t bother you with ads while playing, and you don’t need to bet much in order to play, making your coins go further. Speaking of which, Bonus Slots offers free coins once every 2 hours. A game that hopes to recreate the fun of slots on any Android device, does Bonus Slots have what it takes?

Downloading Bonus Slots from the Play Store is nice and easy, and once you’ve downloaded the game, you can go ahead and choose from one of the levels. You unlock more of these levels as you win XP and level up.

2015-05-20 07.58.33


Playing Bonus Slots couldn’t be much easier, you just set your bet in the bottom of the display, and spin!

2015-05-20 07.59.15


This is the Egyptian theme slots I’m playing here, but as you collect EXP, you’ll be able to unlock and play different themed slots over time.

2015-05-20 08.03.38


See, here I have unlocked the “Ocean Life” theme, where the payouts seem to be a little bigger and the default bet has increased to 500 (which can be changed down to 50, but it will deplete your coin stash quicker if left unchanged).

2015-05-20 08.03.44


There are neat little bonus games in Bonus Slots, which ask you to select a symbol to see if you’ve won anything, I found these to be a nice break from pressing the Spin button over and over again.

2015-05-20 08.03.09


The game continues in much this vane, after all a slots game is a slots game. However, I have found that the presentation here is really, really good. The sound effects are all fairly realistic and are clearly of high-quality and the artwork is colorful, vivid and it looks great on 1080p and above displays, unlike some other slot games out there. One of my favorite slots to play is the Chinese themed slots.

bonus china


The reds and golds here come together to create a fun, if not cliched, look at China and it’s a great example of how good Bonus Slots looks. Pirates of the Caribbean fans might like the Pirate slots, of course.

bonus pirate


There’s also a fun Mayan style theme as well. All of the classic casino themes are present and accounted for. So too, are achievements and fun Google Play Games integration.

bonus mayan


Bonus Slots is a game that I’d easily recommend to both casual gamers as well as casino fans. It looks great, and has clearly been put together with a lot of care and attention. The artwork looks great and it’s one of the most polished slots games that I’ve come across in quite some time. As with all of these games however, spinning a wheel over and over again can grow tiresome over time, but we suppose this depends on how big a fan of these slot games you are. The different environments for each slots level are all good fun, and while having all 20 pay lines active no matter the bet is nice, the default rises as you go further into these levels which does make your coins deplete quicker. In-app purchases are how you can a huge amount of your coins, but you do also get free coins every two hours, as well.


  • Speed (4/5) – Bonus Slots runs nice and quickly, and there’s a good pace to the game, too.
  • Features (4/5) – A solid selection of slots that have different looks and feels, with a common gameplay mechanic throughout makes this accessible and good fun.
  • Theme (4.5/5) – The artwork in Bonus Slots looks great, and there’s some great sound effects to go with it, too.
  • Overall (4/5) – Bonus Slots is something that I could only really recommend to those that thoroughly enjoy slots, and for those sort of players there’s everything you could want on offer here.


  • Easy to play, with little hassle or hoops to jump through.
  • Collecting EXP as you match them in the pay lines makes levelling up that much more fun.
  • Lots of different slot themes to play through.
  • Excellent presentation, with high-resolution artwork and quality sound effects.


  • Might be a little repetitive for those that haven’t played many of these games before.
  • Each new level increases the lowest amount you’re allowed to bet, further depleting your amount of coins.

Bonus Slots is a casino game that’s happy for people to just spin slots, there’s no need to use real money, there are free coins every couple of hours and all 20 pay lines are always active. It feels realistic, it doesn’t try too hard and it’s of course free to download and play. An excellent option for casino and slot game fans, Bonus Slots is a breath of fresh air for slots games on Android.