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Gif Me! is an Android app that hopes to take fun snapshots and selfies to the next level. From XnView, a name known for creating great camera apps on Android as well as photography apps on desktops, Gif Me! is quick and easy way to create GIFs using your Android smartphone. If you're unaware of how big a deal GIFs are on the Internet these days, then you're way, way behind the times! Either way, Gif Me! is easy to use, and you can even apply filters and borders to your short animated image as well. Let's take a closer look and see what you can do with Gif Me!

Just like other Android apps, you'll need to download Gif Me! from the Play Store. Once you have, you'll be offered some other XnView apps like ResizeMe and BlackCam.


2015-05-12 16.17.23

Getting started is pretty simple, all you need to do is to choose the camera option and take a short clip.

2015-05-12 16.17.29


Me and my friends are big coffee nuts, so I'll test Gif Me! out on a shot of fresh espresso.

2015-05-12 16.29.34

Once you've taken your shots, you will see the GIF animate as you choose from a number of different filters.


2015-05-12 16.29.54

You can also change things like the exposure, too, so there's a lot you can do here. You can even speed up or slow down things, as well as add some text. All of these allow you to have fun creating your own GIF.

2015-05-12 16.30.14


After some playing around, I chose a fun filter, a nice border and here's my final result:


There are some settings that you can change as well, to adjust how things look.


2015-05-12 16.17.33

Sharing a GIF is super easy with Gif Me! as well.

2015-05-12 16.31.41


Gif Me! is a great little app. It takes hardly any time to take a GIF, and as we have been taught by Reddit and Twitter, there are infinite uses for GIFs, and people just love them. With Gif Me! you can send an animated selfie to a loved one, share a sporting goal with friends online or just play around with things to create funny animated images. The app itself is fairly easy to use, the filters could do with some names to make it easier to know just what sort of effect you're applying to the image, bu other than that the app is very streamlined and from start-to-finish takes hardly any time at all. You do need to pay for the full app to get rid of the watermark and ads, but that's to be expected of any free app, and it's not really that expensive in the grand scheme of things.


  • Speed (5/5) – From creating a GIF, to customizing it, to sharing it online takes only a few moments with Gif Me!
  • Features (4/5) – This is a fairly straightforward app, and Gif Me! is nice and easy to use. For many, this might be the only change they've had to create a Gif and it's original content which is great, too.
  • Theme (4/5) – Gif Me! looks good, and it creates excellent looking GIFs that are animated well and are a decent size as well. The filters and borders are an excellent addition, too.
  • Overall (4/5) – Gif Me! does what Instagram has done for the photo for the GIF, it makes it easy to create something good-looking and it makes it even easier to share this with the world.


  • Easy to use, and easy to get to grips with.
  • Lots of fun filters and borders makes it easy to stylize your creation, rather than just putting still images together.
  • Takes hardly any time at all to create a GIF with Gif Me! it's a really quick process from start to finish.
  • Doesn't ask too much for the full version to enable all features and remove the watermark.


  • The watermark is a little in-your-face, even though it's probably necessary to encourage people to purchase the full version.
  • Filters could do with names and such in order to make it clear what sort of effect you're applying to your images.

All-in-all, Gif Me! is well worth taking a look at, especially if you're in the mood for creating fun and simple animated images to share with the world. It's easy to use, it's good fun and it hardly takes a few moments to make something fun, so what more could you ask for?


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